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We help you to choose the best workplace pension for your employees. Most members of a scheme probably invest in their workplace pension’s default fund. So, the choice of default fund plays an important role in securing good outcomes for members.  For more adventurous investors it is important to have access to a range of excellent funds & analysis that helps individuals make informed choices.

Most Fund Managers Consistently Under-Perform


A fund manager’s performance can be measured by calculating how much of a fund’s return can be attributed to the market’s movements. Then by taking the market’s return from the fund’s return we are left with the value added or lost by the manager.

For example, if the markets fall by 10% and a fund falls by 7% the management will have preserved 3% of the fund’s value. The management will therefore have added value.  If the market increases by 15% while the fund increased by only 10%, then the management will have lost 5% of the fund’s value.

The charts below plot when value was added or lost by a fund’s management.  They are read from left to right, with the most recent period being on the right of the chart. The charts show up to 10 yrs performance.

Each bar below zero represents a period in which Scottish Equitable (Aegon) lost value for its investors.

Scottish Equitable (Aegon) Stakeholder and GPP default funds have therefore consistently under-performed.

Find The Best Fund Managers

The first two bars keep the same scale between the charts.

Bars above zero are periods where value was added by the fund’s management.

The default funds shown have generally added value.

Workplace Pensions Range of Investment Funds


Employees have different financial needs, attitudes to risk, levels of financial awareness etc. If members invest in funds other than the default fund they are likely to carry extra charges.  Figaro’s Fund Analysis™ is a new method for finding the best workplace pensions and best fund(s) for scheme members.


Fund Selection

Makes fund selection easy.  Which funds consistently out-perform & are worth paying more for?

Informed & Involved

Employees make informed choices & can become more involved in their retirement planning.

Save on Fees

Members make informed choices: no need to pay for advice, unless they think they need it.

Before & During Retirement

Helps members manage their retirement savings in work and once they retire.

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