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Pension Drawdown Informed Decisions

Pension Drawdown Strategy

If you have a personal or stakeholder pension, you can from age 55 start taking your pension benefits.  You have the freedom to take as much or as little of your pension pot as you want. You can take tax-free cash from the scheme, usually 25%.   Any withdrawal above the tax-free cash amount will be subject to income tax.

You may en-cash your arrangement as one lump-sum payment. While your assets are held within a pension however, they continue to enjoy tax privileges.  So, even though you are not limited on the amount that may be withdrawn it may not be in your interest to do so.  Taking smaller amounts over a longer period can be more tax-efficient.


From 44% Of Final Income

Increase Growth By 1% p.a.

Transform Your Pension


To 58% Of Final Income

Plan The Retirement You Want


To have the retirement you want will need planning. The assumptions you make for your retirement plan will need to be reviewed and your circumstances will evolve. At key points you will need to make choices.

We analyse the funds for you, to find the best, most consistent performers.  Our goal is to help you make those choices. By making informed decisions about funds before and after retirement, you can transform your retirement.

Make More of your Pension Drawdown – Have a Strategy

An effective strategy might be to:

  • Secure a low risk income for your essential needs.
  • Then, you will have more freedom when investing your surplus funds. You can adjust the level of top-up income taken from these surplus funds, as your future needs and investment conditions dictate.

This approach ensures you do not expose funds needed in the short-term to too much risk, whilst giving your ‘surplus capital’ the opportunity to grow.  This strategy also reduces the opportunity for the market’s volatility to throw your retirement plan off track.

Make Your Pension Work Harder

We provide a shortlist of the best funds, those which consistently out-perform their peers.

Make Informed decision for both your secure and growth funds

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Pension Transfer to Pension Drawdown


Not all pensions offer the freedom of pension drawdown. So, if you want to use the flexibility pension drawdown offers you may have to transfer your pension.  The pension transfer could be to another provider or to a new contract with the same provider. It is important that you check before you change pensions that you are not losing valuable benefits such as a maturity bonus or a guaranteed annuity.