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Pension Transfer Fund Audit

When investments & pensions had to be made through a financial adviser, the adviser would be paid a commission for making the sale.  They would usually also receive commission for as long as the investment was held.   The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has simplified pensions and other investments and created a fairer system.  Now, when investors buy products they can choose whether to receive advice and ongoing management services.  Investment documentation now includes:


  • the cost of the product;
  • the cost of any advice;
  • the cost of any ongoing services.


This clarity of charges has resulted in significant changes with the way financial services are delivered.  It may be possible to increase the value of your pension with a pension transfer.


Investment Product Charges


Most investment companies have cut their annual charges as they no-longer pass on commission to advisers. These lower charges will help to boost an investment’s performance over the long-term.


  • Your existing investments maybe the older style, higher charging ‘dirty’ funds.
  • It may be possible to invest in the same fund with lower costs, or ‘clean’ funds.
  • Consider a pension transfer for access to the best pension funds at the lowest cost.

Investment Products Advice


Advisers charge for their advice and the cost of compliance with the regulator’s rules. Most banks limit their advice to wealthy individuals.

If you don’t need complicated tax planning structures a low cost pension may be right for you.  

The government funds a free regulated pension advice service. So, you may not need to pay an adviser £ 1,000 to explain what is appropriate for you. 


Investment Review Service


An adviser can only receive an ongoing fee where they provide an ongoing service. So, advisers are generally changing their business models to be more investment based.

Most advisers do not have investment management expertise.   Many outsource some of this investment management service to a Discretionary Fund Manager.  They can earn a proportion of the Fund Management fee and add another layer of fees to the client.

Pension Transfer


Transparency of financial charges has redefined the financial planning landscape.  With technological innovations and more accessible information clients may bypass advisers.  Investors  may reduce the cost of financial planning by using low cost platforms. We offer a Free Audit of your investments. Your report will show

  • The value added by your fund managers.
  • Whether other funds have consistently performed any better.

Our fund analysis is unique and totally independent.  BEFORE you pay anything for our services we demonstrate the value we can add to your investments.

The Government provides a free and impartial service about your pension options.

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